Kilchanahoo Onakee

Played by: Adam Thaxton


Kilchanahoo Onakee

(Boy the Earth Talks To)

A freelance prospector who sells maps to water and mineral deposits; he’s lived in (or rather, had a hut in) Ukwahoo for most of his life. He was, at one time, going to fire-stride with the local strider, his broodfather Takwantli, but the death of his first mate caused him to have a mild personal crisis, leading to his requesting a striding several years early. He took to using the few tricks he’d learned to find likely spots for rock deposits that might harbor ore and for geological structures related to water and ultra-pure water deposits under the earth; he became accurate enough without even having to dig very often that he earned his name from a neighboring village. Currently, even though he is technically an adult, he still refuses his vocation as a fire-strider.

Fears? Yes.

Afraid that if he falls in love again, his first love wasn’t real.

Actually has a mild fear of enclosed spaces.

Tall buildings, outside, made of stone or metal. Who the fuck makes that shit? Fuck, who lives in those things? That’s like asking to fall like a thousand feet.

Hatchlings in Ukwahoo are typically raised communally by a firestrider but aren’t given a true task until adulthood. Hatchlings are thus expected to help out with everything they are able to do until such time as they become adults. A strider administers tests for adulthood and ultimately agrees or disagrees with the assessment of the sun-spotters.

The Sun is a powerful figure in the mythology of the colony at Ukwahoo; its presence burns the eyes and yet nurtures the soil, and the great beings of creation were immune to it. It is also said that the fires of creation were like the sun touching the earth. When a child reaches adulthood, no matter where the child was, a group of runners are sent to look at the sun and report what they saw.

The Ones of Morning are warriors who defend the clutches, manning defensive positions and helping with work around the town, training as warriors. They build traps and construct mazes, and fight in the dark.

The Ones of Evening are warriors who earned their adulthood when the sky was turning to the night, becoming blood red as the sun sets. They learn to fight on solid ground with each other to their backs, while still learning to be stealthy and are not afraid to fight dirty. There is no such thing as fighting dirty, they would say, only living and dying.

The Ones of the Blinking Eye earned their adulthood when sun dogs can be seen, and are typically mystics and fire striders. Those that become adults by night, when moon dogs are seen, are like a happy -man, but given over to the creator beings that possess capricious and dangerous natures.

The Ones of Daylight have the most freedom choosing their jobs, since they are those who can choose their occupation outside of the other castes. Anything from baking, scavenging, mining, and mercantile businesses are open to these kobolds.

The Ones of Rain are those who build homes and fortifications, bridges, and other things for the community; they’re mathematicians and scholars, and compile histories as well.

The Ones of Night earned their adulthood during the night time, Sun’s closed eye. They are happy-men, tricksters and contrary folks who practice “opening” others when they come to visit; in Ukwahoo, you can not talk to someone properly as a visitor until they have been “opened” by making them laugh, so a Night-adult is very important to have around to make the right jokes to cause laughter without offense.


Kilchanahoo Onakee

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