Common Sayings and Terms


* “It works, so it works…”
Meaning: Various, but the main point is we might not like it, or we might not like doing it this way, but in these times doing this means we are likelier to survive than those who don’t.


* Artifact
Meaning: While there are still a magic item or two left behind by the Dwarves and Elves, this term mostly refers to the few remaining pieces of Human technology which remains. Usually specifically meaning such items in still function to semi-functioning condition, as Human junk can be found pretty much anywhere, but items of significant power or importance can be considered valuable artifacts regardless of if they currently function.
* Those Who Ruined
Meaning: The common term for the word Human. Human is a word that is still not used out of fear, even nearly two centuries After Fall.

Common Sayings and Terms

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