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With the scarcity of land in this broken world the surviving races have needed to expend their traditional cultural concepts of settlements, or completely abandon them almost overnight for whatever seemed to “work”. Even those communities which were ideally located near the centers of the remaining continents during the final great flood have learned that for now adaptation is the name of the game, and it will probably be this way for a long time to come.

In addition, with the constant threats of the power-crazed Goblins and the vindictively spiteful Kobolds the ancient Human saying “War makes for strange bed fellows” has never been truer. Races which would have never imagined joining forces in the past now have come together under the same shelters for mutual protection, and some have even founded continuing generations of such coexistence. A notable example of this phenomenon of symbiotic Humanoid and/or monstrous relationships would be highly-developed relationship which has formed in the recent century between the diminished Bugbears and the kind small-folk Halflings which they call their “little friends”. You see, while odd for both parties at first, they quickly found co-habitation with each other quite pleasant. While big and somewhat scary, the Halflings feel safe with their “big buddies” around, and they offer their joint communities the muscle and physical strength the Halfings lack. Meanwhile the Bugbears have grown a “sofe seot” for the kindness and generosity of Halflings, meanwhile enjoying the wonderful crafts aand “trinkwies” they make and share, and the best part is the fact that they like doing boring things like growing crops and trading to strangers (sure they ask for help moving big things to build stuff, but hey they like physical “mansli” work).

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    There is a motto that has spread through the surviving races since Those Who Ruined left us in our current state: If it works, it works. It is one which has helped in joining with our Bugbear brothers and sisters. Simple and easy to understand even the most savage of races can not deny in these hard times. Sure sit would be nice if our Bugbear companions enjoyed bathing, and I am sure they wished they could still roam and pillage the lands like they once did, but the simple fact is we work with and for each other so well that we have survived while so many have not. Simply it works, so it works and end of story!

    ~Jada Highfoot, Matron of the gypsy Halfing caravan which eventually co-found Bugbear Twigs

Communities & Settlements

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