Prinny the peg leg penguin

Prinnies abound on this world. Most are either former Humans, or members of the Savage Races who foolishly served willingly as Human mercenaries.

Their lives are even more pathetic on this world than most, for they have so few options of who to work for; none of which are particularly good. They can either work for the crazy and sadistic Goblins, the still spiteful Kobolds, or the even angrier Savage Races. Those who get an abusive Halfling or such for a master are considered blessed by other Prinnies.

However, the former Human Prinnies suffer a strange impairment. Their minds often seem a bit cloudy, and among the flocks they are often the most distracted and airheaded. In addition, their owners have mostly given up on trying to extract artifact creation knowledge from them (a reason most formally Human Prinnies tend to lie and claim they were Orcs or something), because torture as they might they always give up and accept the Prinnies claims of for some unknown reason not being able to remember the knowledge they seek. They claim whenever they try to remember such memories all they can see is five distinctly different clouds ranging from light grey to pitch black in coloration obscuring their mind’s eye. Indeed, this only brings more spite upon their already tender keisters.

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