Shaman Mushroom

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Shaman Mushroom:

The Shaman Mushroom is used by the Adepts (known as Shamans), and other divine casters of the Night Goblin race. It is a type of mushroom they guard so secretively not even the Long-Lived Races have managed to piece together their agricultural methods of producing it. In truth the Dwarves and Elves no longer bother, for they have seen the consequences of consuming it on captured Night Goblin Shamans. However, the Vampires still seek this knowledge, for they occasionally trade for these dangerous items in the hopes of quickly and cheaply increasing their powers.

The origin of these mystic shrooms is uncertain, but the Night Goblins are adamant it was a gift given to the fifth (or fourth, maybe ninth…they bicker about this bit) generation of the first Night Goblin clan by the Goblin gods themselves after their ancestors committed some great atrocity so magnificent as to have the Goblin Pantheon cheering in blood-fueled ecstasy. What exactly these Night Goblins did is also an issue of much debate (and brawls) between the Night Goblins.

Stats: Shaman Mushrooms are an addicting mushroom which comes in various colors. If regularly consumed they grant a Divine Caster (Adept, Cleric, etc) an extra spell slot of the highest level power they can cast, and one for the lowest level they can cast. However, there are dangerous drawback to using these items.

Every time someone (caster or not) consumes a Shamon Mushroom theymust make a DC 10 Fortitude Save or become addicted to the substance.

If one becomes addicted to this substance they must consume another at least every 1d4 days or suffer the following consequences: a) The individual takes a -1 to all saves. b) If a caster they lose the extra spell slots. c) The caster loses one spell slot of the highest level he can cast.

These penalties remain until the individual either consumed another Shaman Mushroom or goes through 1d8 months of withdrawal.

Shaman Mushroom

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