Goblins & Kobolds

First Session, AKA Flight of the Jeeps

Hi there, I’m a dogbold sometimes know as The Kender and the last couple of minutes have been so cool.

Realy short version: zzzzz, Crunch, ZOOM, Gasp, ARRRGGG, Bang Bang Bang, Arrrggg, WHAM (boom), Zoom (again), Bang Bang Bang (again), bonk, splash, thunk, whoosh, KA-BOOM

Slightly longer version:

I was was taking a nice nap on the seat of a Jeep (or was it a Hummer, I don’t remember) when Crunch this big Minotaur sat on me, not cool. Here this is what he looks like Twisted Horns. Ugly brute ain’t he, but don’t tell him I said that.

Anyway he seemed to find the gas pedal and ZOOM, off we go. Things then got lighter and I was able to squeeze out from under him. At this point I need to mention that we WERE at the top of a like 5 story garage, NOW we are flying through the air next to it, flying down that is. Behind us is two jeeps full of goblins in the air behind us and one opens fire on us. Then this squirrel on our Jeep (Were did he come from anyway?, and somehow we pick up two goblins of our own too) returns fire hitting some goblins. Did I mention we are still falling!!! Then the we flip upside down and I heroically take the controls and flip us back upright (how DID I do that?) and WHAM we land on our wheels. Looking behind us I see only one of the goblin jeeps landed upright, so ZOOM we are off but this time with me driving. I pointed us in the direction of my loot ketch I just made (It needs more stuff in it). I think another jeep full of goblins tried to join the chase but they kept driving the wrong way. Anyway we exchange fire with the remaining jeep. At this point I was in the back trying to kick a barrel of fuel overboard near the bad guys with the plan to light it with one of my crossbow bolts I lit on fire. The Goblins ram us and the barrel breaks, spilling all over their hood, excellent!!! I fire and KA-BOOM, no more goblins :).

I should mention that this also blew up our jeep too but it’s not like we got hurt or anything so it’s all good.



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