Allowable, Necessary, and Banned Books

Allowable books:
I am a huge fan of 3rd party books, Dragon Magazines, homebrewed material, and the various Wizards of the Coast online articles. Therefore I treat players as I would want to be treated and offer to look through any material.

Banned books
While I enjoy 3rd-party books and such there are three books I ban from my games. The first two are too highly used by optimizers, while I consider the third to be utter nonsense and garbage.

  1. Book of Nine Swords
  2. Tomb of Magic
  3. Complete Psionics

Necessary Books:
While I have copies of the necessary books and much more there are the main books needed for this campaign.

  1. 3.5 Player’s Handbook
  2. D20 Modern

Allowable, Necessary, and Banned Books

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