Fighty City

“Fighty City” as the Goblins and Kobolds have come to call it in their respective tongues is a decaying Human city, or more accurately what is left of it. It is surrounded by craters; one of which partly exposes an ancient Dwarven fortified mining city now inhabited by the Ixen Vaess Kobold Clan.

Here the Goblins from the ancient forest slightly to the north come to fight with the Kobolds over the “treasures” left behind by the Humans. The Kobolds do the same, but more organized and logistically (hence their ability to hold the even faster reproducing Goblins at an even standstill). The Savage Races also occasionally travel amidst the crumbling buildings of this once proud city, sending adventuring parties to locate ammunition and other items that may be added to their stockpiles in fear that their former slaves might eventually realize how desperate and vulnerable their current situation is.

Map of Fighty City:
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NPCs encountered in Fighty City

Fighty City

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