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Playable Races

I am a big fan of playing monstrous races, subraces, or even monsters, so I enjoy letting players play that one thing they have always been wanting to play. So if you really want to play something not on this list please feel free to write me. However, these are currently the dominant and populace races on this desolate world, and therefore most NPCs and PCs are of these racial options.

The Dominant Races (Formerly known as the Slave Races):

* Goblins
* Kobolds

Subraces of The Dominant Races:
* Arctic Goblins
* Arctic Kobolds
* Desert Goblins
* Desert Kobolds
* Dogbolds
* Jungle Kobolds
* Moradin’s Adopted Goblins
* Night Goblins
* Urds

The Savage Races:

* Bugbears
* Gnolls
* Kenkus
* Lizardfolk
* Ogres
* Orcs
* Troglodytes


Most of these races did not have many of their kind join the Human military ranks, so most were not as decimated by the Human Plague as the Savage Races. Note that some of these races may only be selectable at appropriate party levels, and all except the Ibixian and Prinnies require DM permission to be played.
* Dracotaur
* Fey (Various)
* Gnomes
* Ibixian
* Illithids
* Minotaurs
* Penguins
* Prinnies!
* Raptorans
* Yuan-ti

Unique Races to my Cosmology:

* Chipuus
* Dogbolds
* Gremlins
* Kercpa
* Night Goblins
* Prinnies!
* Urds

The Lost Races

The following races are believed to be forever gone from this world. They are not available as Player Characters.
* Dragons
* Dwarves
* Dwarven Subraces
* Elves
* Elf Subraces
* Half-Orcs
* Humans


Goblins & Kobolds celestialkin