The Broken Mountains Desert

Broken minotaur mountains

The Broken Mountains, final realm of the Minotaurs. While others exist in the surrounding desert, the mountains are their domains. They protect what they have left with a fierce ferocity fueled by both their race’s natural pride and the sorrow they feel for what has been lost.

A handful of other races have made pacts with the Minotaurs to reside within their realm, either within the territory of their tribes, or for either the winged or daring upon the peaks of their shattered mountains. These pacts are all marriages of conveniences, for it provides safety in numbers against a potential invasion by the Slave Races. Top among the Minotaurs’ allies are the Goatfolk, which many neighboring tribes have sworn to come to each others’ aid in times of need.

However, these pacts to not guarantee safety. Scattered across the mountains lie the Minotaur’s most despised and “worthy” enemies: The Night Goblins.

The Broken Mountains Desert

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